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Try throwing Ninja Throwing stars

Ever since you watched those karate movies, you wanted to try throwing ninja stars. Now you can! Our staff will teach you how to safely throw ninja stars and have you hitting bullseyes (or zombies) in no time!

Many of our customers prefer ninja stars to throwing axes. If you have shoulder problems, or axes aren’t your thing, you may find these preferable to throw than axes. A simple flick of the wrist and you will be sticking these right away!

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Shuriken HIstory

Shuriken refers to a Japanese throwing star. Ninja Shuriken is literally translated from sword hidden in user’s hands. These Ninja Weapons were originally used for throwing, stabbing and slashing. The Ninja Shuriken is sharpened and can be made from easily found ordinary tools like needles, knives and nails. However, the traditional ones are made from flat plates of metal. Shuriken is taken from the Japanese reference to throwing star. Shurikens are designed in different shapes and classified into several varieties, e.g.,  Bo Ninja Shuriken, Stick Ninja Tools, Kurumaken or shaped like a wheel and Hira Shuriken. These Ninja Weapons are actually supplementary tools for the sword and other similar Japanese weapons. The art of welding this weapon is referred to as Shurikenjutsu. The art of Shurikenjutsu is considered a secret art because according to Japanese history, there were many independent exponents of the skill of throwing long thin objects such as ninja weapons. Training for this kind of weapon was incorporated in many famous martial art schools.

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